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I started a Yu-Gi-Oh! Blog!

I started a Yu-Gi-Oh! Problem-Solving Card Text (PSCT) blog, where I discuss and/or parody Yu-Gi-Oh! card text. I do take submissions if you want, and you can submit those in the Contact Form on the blog itself. Mainly, I will analyze certain card texts to discuss counters to those cards (a discussion), or sometimes change the text for a well-known card to make it funnier (a parody).

Posted on Aug 17 2018 by timaeus222

I'm a Ph.D. candidate!

Hurray! I figured I'd share this with the world; a few weeks ago, I passed my Physical Chemistry qualifying exams, so I'm officially a Ph.D. candidate! About 3 more years of research to work on my dissertation, and hopefully get a Ph.D.!

Posted on Jun 30 2018 by timaeus222

Condensed services down!

Alright, I've decided... it's best to be a specialist, so I've just condensed the navigation bar and footer down and focused on music. So now, hopefully, it should be clear what I do: mixing and mastering music! :)

Posted on Apr 22 2018 by timaeus222

Updated the plugin recommendations list

I just updated the list of recommended plugins to add TDR Nova, an excellent EQ plugin. I also reorganized it a bit more, in order by price.

Posted on Jul 15 2017 by timaeus222

Logos added to resources page, & Formatting / Organization

Logos for each sound library and VST recommendation were added! Also, my History was moved into a separate "Services/History" page, and the formatting on the website was improved to make things easier to read.

Posted on Jun 05 2017 by timaeus222

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I started a Yu-Gi-Oh! Blog!, posted on Aug 17 2018 by timaeus222.
I'm a Ph.D. candidate!, posted on Jun 30 2018 by timaeus222.
Condensed services down!, posted on Apr 22 2018 by timaeus222.
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Logos added to resources page, & Formatting / Organization, posted on Jun 05 2017 by timaeus222.
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